idea conceptVision

  • Be a link in the global economy in terms of integrated infrastructure and a pioneer in the strategic relationships between Asia, the West and Africa in the face of the global challenges of economic and financial development in all these areas and in all Economic sectors to enable lasting and long-term exchanges through our networks in the West, Asia and Africa and through our experience in these areas.


  • Enable sustainable trade between Asia, the West and Africa in the midst of our private, public and government clients in all sectors such as finance, mining, petroleum, telecommunications, agriculture, energy, industry , Transport and emissions thanks to a certain notoriety and visibility mainly due to the magazines (Source Asia Group, Future Action, Patrimony and Markets etc …), to the webtv ( webtv on the economy , The stock market, the business, and corporate finance and webtv on luxury, fashion, deco, beauty and wine), and to XML Feed, RSS Feeds (http: //www.actusnews .com / actusnewswire_communiques / _communiques.html).

What we must do for you:

A – Marketing and Communication :

(Visibility and notoriety)

“With Source Asia Group, the world comes to you”

  • Web TV specialized in finance. WebTV broadcasts educational video content and information videos on the economy, stock market, fund management, corporate finance, and listed and unlisted companies.
  • Economy: Educational articles and interviews on Economy sorted by Sectors and regions
  • Financial Markets and Technical Analysis / Trading Articles are classified by Headings and sub-headings: Indices / equities-rates-Forex-commodities /Energies – Emerging Markets.
  • Unlisted companies and financing: subjects are classified under Headings: Private equity, Crowdfunding.
  • Investments: art, real estate, funds, wine

B – Project management:

  • Elaboration of the specifications
  • Creation of teams
  • Planning organization
  • Economic and financial management of the project
  • Relationship with suppliers
  • Risk management

C – Development of business:

  • Business opportunities in several areas

(Financial, mining, oil, telecommunications, agriculture)

  • Linking with economic decision-makers and Policy
  • Contact with sources of financing and guarantees
  • Accompaniment in the business’ development
  • Support for the creation of international companies
  • Networking

 D – Financing Research:

“Everything just becomes easier,with Source Asia Group”

  • Preparation of funding applications
  • Liaising with investors
  • National and international funding
  • Crowdfunding
  • Funds
  • Hedge Funds
  • Bank guarantees