JMH Consulting is a consulting firm specializing in Business Consulting. there areas of expertise are Corporate Creation or Takeover, Management, Marketing and Communication, Project Management, Business Development and Fundraising.

There team is composed of specialists who have evolved several years in the Creation and the Management of companies, the events, the Finance and the Media.

In a context of strong crisis, JMH Consulting has set up a service allowing different players to be satisfied. Starting from the project manager to the private or public local authorities, including the heads of companies, all can find via JMH Consulting services sought after.

We accompany idea-makers to creation through specific mechanisms, advise business leaders in order to maximize the development of their activity and work as partners of certain governments to deal with financing issues and guarantees.


Action Future is the only magazine on the stock exchange and educational trading that teaches you in pragmatic articles the knowledge needed to approach investment on the stock market with method, rigor and efficiency.

Written by professionals from the stock markets, you will discover by reading it a unique and irreplaceable source of information on technical analysis, fundamental analysis, trading, and stock market intervention techniques.